"The things that attracted us to Mettawa were the large lots (we dislike being 'on top of' our neighbors), quick access to major highways and the Metra, and lots of open lands and forest preserves to enjoy. I grew up in Riverwoods and it's hard to get used to more urban living when you're used to being surrounded by nature." – Lisa

Parks, Trails and Open Space Map

Parks, Trails and Open Space Map

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Parks and Open Space

“What sets Mettawa apart from every other place I have ever lived is that it is a way of life that is fairly well hidden until you get to know the residents.” – Mark

Open Land Panel Created

The seven member Open Land Planning Ad Hoc Panel was created in the spring of 2014 to assist the Village with its parks and open space planning process.

The Panel had its initial meeting in May and will be making recommendations to the Village Board, including the selection of a professional consultant to assist the Village in the development of concept plans, implementation and overall management of our open space properties.

The Chair is Denis Bohm and members include Andy Cohn, Franziska Lys, Drew Johnson, Julie Stephenson, Pam Sheldon and Amy Weiland.

Whippoorwill Farms Park

A Mettawa Gateway Preserve

True to the founders' vision, Village residents and businesses remain dedicated to land conservation and preservation of the rural character of the area. The Mettawa Open Lands Association (MOLA) was founded in 1989, and formally activated in 2006. Since that time, professional local landscapers and MOLA volunteers have been working to transform "Whippoorwill Farm," a Mettawa Gateway Preserve, into a beautiful native landscape reminiscent of earlier times.

Side-by-side with the contractors at the Farm are DePaul University scientists/students performing "Best Practices" research (using five different methods to establish a prairie on a severely eroded field). Another example of land stewardship is the The Deerpath Farm conservation community, which includes 140 acres of permanently protected open space, including wetlands, prairie and woods.

It is located as property #7 on the Parks, Trails and Open Space map.

Oasis Park

Preliminary concept plans have been developed for the park and will be used to assist the Village for further planning. A berm along the eastern boundary providing a visual and sound barrier to the adjacent I-94 Tollway and Tollway Oasis is due to be completed this summer with plantings to occur in the fall.

It is located as property #3 on the Parks, Trails and Open Space map.

701 Riverwoods Road

The 19 acre hay field on the east side of Riverwoods Road, between Route 60 and Everett Road was purchased by the Village in December 2013. The property is adjacent to a 5 acre parcel the Village has owned for many years. It will be part of the planning process for open space described above.

It is located as property #10 on the Parks, Trails and Open Space map.