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The following organizations can be helpful if you discover a lost or abandoned animal, where the goal is to keep animals healthy and safe:


Animal Friendly

"What sets Mettawa apart is the almost universal love of animals and nature. Be it horses, dogs, cats, birds or whatever! People here seem to place a greater value on these relationships than almost anywhere else I have lived. I have a neighbor heavily involved with the Audobon Society, the head of our Zoning appeals commission breeds Leonburger dogs; and, my wife and I are involved in dog rescue.


"In fact, when I asked if it was okay to run dogsleds on the horse trails, everyone thought it was a great idea!" – Mark

Mettawa is a natural place for animals; with wide-open spaces for running free as well as multiple trails for walking and exploring. While many residents have dogs, cats and horses, they also value and respect animals and make a concerted effort to save hurt or abandoned animals.

Journey Home Mettawa Couple Help Abandoned Dogs

Alaskan Malamute Pup Residents Mark and Vicki Meluso have been helping animals for many years. Last year, they were instrumental in saving an abandoned Alaskan Malamute pup who was found running scared in Kentucky fields.

Rescuers found what should have been a plush, healthy dog severely malnourished, his fur matted and infected with sores, lice and two types of mange. The pup—now called Journey likely had been alone for an extended period of time and was so frightened of leashes that shelter workers had to tranquilize him to catch him. After his capture, Journey was transported to IAMRA's vet for extensive treatment, and is now living with the Meluso’s for ongoing care.

Alaskan MalamuteMark helps Vicky rehab Malamutes. Vicky has gained National status as having one of the best homes for dogs in need of rehabilitation and love.

On the side, Mark keeps his business running smoothly and serves the Village as a Zoning Commissioner, so they both distinguish themselves with their volunteerism. Vicky and Mark were able to see what a change some love and attention made to Journey’s short life. Now, he is acting and looking more like a normal Malamute, thanks to the kindness of two special Mettawa residents. For more information visit:

Mark adds, “I am so pleased that if there is a problem or emergency with a loved animal, the community pulls together. For example, the village notifies residents via email if a pet is lost or an unknown animal is seen wandering. Everyone is then on the lookout. There is also follow up when the animal is found safe. That would never happen in any other community that I know of…we are lucky to live in such a special place.”