• Why Mettawa?
    Why Mettawa?
    “We moved to Mettawa because we found a beautiful lot that was close to ideal for building our home.” - Matt MORE →
  • Community
    “The rural equestrian atmosphere has remained the same for the past 150 years…we are a close knit community, yet we respect each other’s privacy. You can’t duplicate the ambience Mettawa has.” - Tim MORE →
  • Development
    “Mettawa is a golden nugget in the middle of an urban development." - Tim MORE →
  • Animal Friendly
    Animal Friendly
    “People who live in Mettawa have a deep-seated love of animals. When I asked the Mayor if I could use the trails to dogsled he fully supported me and some community members wanted to join in!” - Mark MORE →
  • Forest Preserves
    Forest Preserves
    “I wake up every morning to the peace and quiet of mother nature. There are plenty of deer, foxes, rabbits, opossums, etc. Even the occasional train doesn’t bother me because that too is a symbol of rural living." - Mary MORE →