Equestrian Life

"I loved that we owned a barn on 11 ½ acres and that I could ride my horses on trails on my own property as well as venture further through my neighbors' woods and then connect to the forest preserves. I really have come to appreciate the closeness of nature and enjoy the feeling that I am truly living in the 'country'."

– Mary


At one time, there were more horses than people living in Mettawa! Today, the Village is home to nationally acclaimed and titled riders and horse breeders. In addition, Mettawa is proud to be the prime location for high-end stables that use the latest technology to maintain healthy stables for horses of various riding styles.

Following is a list of links to horse stables in our area:

Celebration Farms The Equestrian Connection
Sapphire Riding Academy Always Faithful Stables
  TownLine Stables
25910 St. Marys Road, Mettawa
(847) 219-4951

"When we first moved to Mettawa, we used to ride our horses up and down the dirt roads and go down to the forest preserves and back. Now, we have to watch more for traffic, but the same freedom to ride prevails! It is a wonderful place to have horses, participate in 4-H and show horses."

– Diane